Felicia Starewicz immigrated from Poland to Chicago in the 1920s, where she became a Buscia (pronounced boo-sha, or grandma). She invited anyone who was hungry into her kitchen, & was known for her delicious homemade comfort food.

Buscia red lip

Sarah Starewicz loved eating Bacon Buns® as a child, which she & her mom used to bake together. After teaching Culinary Arts, she opened her first stand in 2008, selling out of her homemade Bacon Buns® at Chicagoland farmer's markets & Pierogi Fest® in Whiting, Indiana.

Sarah farmers market

In the early days, to get that Buscia (Polish grandma) feeling at Pierogi Fest®, Sarah dressed her helpers in babushkas & aprons. Even her dad!

buscias dad babushka photo pierogi fest sky full of bacon.jpg

Today it*s Sarah's dream to serve everyone a Bacon Bun®. From ballparks to restaurants to grocery stores, look for Buscia*s® where you go for great food. 🍴

Sarah grocery store

💋 Sarah